As admin have access to global folders/files with DA filemanager


Besides folders inside an account there are many global folders that an admin needs to manage. But that can not be done from within DA. So you need to login as ssh-root to manage them.

Please add global folders to the file-manager for the admin.

The folders I would like to see in the filemanager are:
- shared linux folders
- folders in DA and Custombuild, at least: custom folders, plugin folder etc
- extra mounted drives (!!)
- other ?

Maybe with a config parameter where the main-admin could set which folders are allowed and if root-permission is needed (like in editor-file.txt).

I would even like to have (read-only) access to the whole server at once, with root-ww protection.
For as admin you can login with ssh and root-ww and do anything on the server....
When this would be possible from the DA file-manager, I think it would be more secure then with putty/ssh. Because the filemanager can only do certain things.
So you can have at least a quick look, without having to login with ssh and potentially do more harm.
Greetz, flexjoly