Built in ability to set CPU, MEMORY, and IO limits per account / package with cgroups

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Christos Panagiotakis

Found it on the forum, pasting it here.

CloudLinux provide it on an extended level all ready, so here why I'm suggesting that

It will be useful for:

1. CloudLinux users - it creates peace of mind if Oakley decide to buy Cloud Linux and make incompatible with DA, they will not be on the search for a new solution in panic mode

2. For hostings that want to run some pure Centos operation - I had some web devs on vps that host their clients they had full control over all sites so they do not need CL but they find it useful as it will keep VPS stable on peaks*

3. For Debian DA clients as they do not have CL, also it can give and option someone to start Debian based hosting project

4. As an additional stability option for generic vps customers that had multiple sites

5. In future that could be extended to Free BSD customers and its resource limiting as I notice some old admins want to bring back Free BSD hosting

6. As an additional selling point fo DA as CentosWebPanel has it on their payed version :)


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It's available in pre-release now for Pro Pack users (retail Lite/Standard licenses at this time) :)



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James Fouracre

Please can you include the options to edit PHP scrip memory and upload sizes?



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Since this feature would require quite a bit of effort and a likely price increase, this feature should be added only if the final price of DirectAdmin remains lower than the current price of DirectAdmin + CloudLinux.


Daniel P

I support that :) As now with bubblewarp from DA + Bubble warp from LiteSpeed wich DA enables we could run hosing business safely without third party


Hook Webs

I was surprised and a little worried to hear that Cloudlinux will be taken over by Oakley Capital as well. So limit user supported by internal DA will save much cost.