Complete Backup system


Backup/Restore system. It needs to be more complete and have more location options. You need to be able to choose “who, what, when, where, and how”.
Who: All good here.
What: is good.
When: I think cron covers this.
Where: local, ftp, sftp, AWS, BackBlaze and others. You also need to be able to restore from all locations.
How: Full, incremental, both, and except list. It should include logic based on type chosen example Incremental > full back up= weekly, monthy ect.
Restore: should accommodate from all “Where” and all “How”

linking this request here as well


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Marco M

I halfway completely agree:

1. directadmin develops the management panel, it is not a software house specialized in 100% of technologies
2. directadmin has a basic backup and restore function that works very well, BUT it cannot be used on a large scale for those who do mass hosting
3. there are companies specialized in making backup software, they do just that .... is there a reason?

I don't think Directadmin should invest in the backup system at the moment.

Ryan Kh

This is one of the core features that DirectAdmin neglects badly. Don't know what's wrong with these guys think of Backups/Restore section without any popular remote destinations like aws s3 / google drive / onedrive etc. This should be added on priority for next release of update. I hope DirectAdmin dev team will consider this request.


Al Chake

This is a priority for almost all web hosting companies.

I would recommend that DA team really would consider adding this feature.


Mant Usma

would like option to have incremental backups and possibility to restore single file or email, not having to setup new server for single email recovery


sufiyan shaikh

Yes we need


antonio rodrigues

Yes we need a backup scripts like cPanel.


Marek Bajerski

+1 for borgbackup



Don't forget to add password protected database encryption


Anay J

For SSH bashed, also add feature to remove backup older than n number of days. May be you can check out Virtualmin GPL backup for reference


Anay J



Does Borg let you back up to AWS or cloud options? Like Restic does?

Andreas Bezuh

Maybe the implementation of Borg Backup or a plugin would make sense.



Yes we need a backup scripts like cPanel.