Delete user account warning


To delete a user account, you can either:
1. Tick the checkbox alongside the username, then click the 'Delete' button.
2. Click the '+' icon at the far right of the user row and select 'Remove'.

(It's not clear why two different words are used for the same operation, but that's a minor issue.) Either way, this brings up a warning which says: 'Are you sure you want to delete selected user?'

Deleting a user account is obviously a very serious thing, and a warning is essential. My complaint is that such a serious warning should absolutely specify which user is about to be deleted. I'm always a bit nervous when I see this warning, and look for the green tick alongside the correct username—but the whole thing is then semi-obscured by the background-blurring effect.

This might seem like a small thing, but confirming the username would just give that extra assurance that I haven't clicked the wrong user by mistake. It would be such an easy thing to program in, and really, it's just common-sense UX design.

If multiple users are ticked, I would suggest the warning should list them all (up to a sensible limit regarding screen realestate).