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Is there any decent way to disable a specific plugin and/or plugins for some hosting packages. Currently there is no way to do this decently.

I can imagine this is something that needs to be feature requested to be put into DirectAdmin's core.

- Ability to disable a plugin on reseller/user level plugin and/or plugins per configured hosting package(s) for instance with checkbox(es) unselected.

- Ability to disable a plugin/plugins based on user, for instance with checkbox(es) unselected.

Is this already possible within DirectAdmin because i have not found anything related to my question on the forum or on the help page(s).

I know this is possible as a custom package item but would love to see it by default in DirectAdmin.


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It's now included in pre-release of DirectAdmin.

Roman Mazur

Please, give us a feature documentation link. Thanks!

Roman Mazur

Okay. Now the same for Enhanced skin. Evo is not usable.


Sorry, what's the issue with Evo? It'd be great to get it fixed :)

Roman Mazur

Evo is good, but looks too complicated - the common operation takes too much steps, our users get angry of it. Also, it expose such features we do not want to expose. And to fix a single line I need to go deep into React/Vue, that's unconfortable and ... ugh.. I made a custom skin with all the features we need, the mix of Enh & Evo, and we are really happy with it.

So why not to keep things simple and editable through admin/reseller UI/API - scan allowed plugins on-access (I see a debug trace, this is already done) then compare plugin list over allowed/denied plugins set in |USER|/user.conf explicitly?

PS: This is my custom skin screenshot. If you want, I can share the whole skin with community for free. It's time to do things enchancements, but not with Evo.



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