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DKIM is currently disabled by default (dkim=0) in DirectAdmin, to advance the usage of DKIM globally it would be advantageous to start adopting DKIM by default if companies allow end users to enable it themselves.

The default value of dkim=2 is a safe way to enable DKIM from a client perspective, enabling it by default with dkim=1 will enable it for customers by default for any new clients. Hence if the customer/the provider operates DNS outside of DirectAdmin and the DKIM record is not set the receiver won’t accept or deny emails from the domain if the TXT dkim record is not set.

We would like to ask DirectAdmin to start enabling dkim=2 by default to start the adoption of DKIM by default for new end users so they have the possibility to enable and control the management of DKIM for their domain.

We also saw on a new default install that the documented default value of 2 in docs.directadmin.com is still set to 0 this might be a bug or old documentation.


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dkim=2 is by default on the new installations
Thank you for the request!