DNS Records Export for Cloudflare

Mikula Beutl

Can you please add a Download/Export button ?


and here:

Produce an exportable file that anyone can import into Cloudflare

Thanks a lot


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Mikula Beutl

How about this simple idea to do the export? odoepner.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/export-to-html-table-as-csv-file-using-jquery/

Mikula Beutl

Also, this is not limited to cloudflare, the export needed for cloudflare is one thats common help.dyn.com/how-to-format-a-zone-file/

Abdellah ASKI

Check this out, it might be what you're looking for


No its not, but thx for suggesting, setting up sync is more work than quickly exporting/importing one-time, because with sync you need to do a lot of pre-work for simply setting up one domain that you want to use, i like creating for each domain individual CF accounts