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Should give some button Featured like..
up one level

and also this problem need to solve

1. when i go 3/4 folder then it works too slow
2. for copy move, extract, zip need to add clipboard. in cpanel not need that.all one click can possible
3. all featured in top is visable but in directadmin it's hide. when i take there mosue then show it.
4. in mobile version it looking good to find any file.
5. here i can edit any unlimited file . but here when i edit any file then another file edit can not open. without copy url and paste in other tab.
6. here html edit and normal edit 2 option stay..


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What about (my) other requests to get access to directories outside the user-dirs? Or access to mail-dir on a mounted-drive?



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The number of votes is one of the main things that prioritizes the development tasks here.


Some updates to FileManager are planned (to be like OS-explorer), so, I'm marking this feature as planned, even if not all of the points might be in the final implementation :)


What about 'edit link for all files' ? Is this taken into account?


What do you mean with it? Some files like png, jpg, exe, pdf, tar.gz, .zip etc. aren't editable with text editor :)


Hi smtalk,
Thanks for asking!
There are a lot of files, with meaningless extensions or even without extensions; many times those files are simple textfiles.
Like: *.log.3, *log.error,
And also all files starting with a dot, like: .bashrc, .httaccess, .gitignore, /.passwd/.protected.list

So mainly unrecognizable files.
Before the evolution-skin, it was kind of easy to change the link to the file to the DA editor. But inside evolution, it is much harder or even impossible.

And it is really so stupid to need ssh/putty or download/upload to look into/change such a file.


Most are nice-to-have

But point 5 is very important to me. It is really annoying that you cannot edit all text-files.
I understand that it is a risk to open an binary file and that DA want to prevent that. But this can also be done with an extra js-alert when DA does not recognize the file type as text.

My voting:
- navigation > nice-to-have
- 1. I dont recognize this as a problem
- 2. no vote, but would be nice
- 3. vote > nice to have
- 4..... NO VOTE! don't manage DA on phone! (get a chromebook or tablet or so!)
- 5 VOTE see above
- 6. NO VOTE get an IDE and git or ftp, DA is for real nerds, else get cpanel or plesk ROFL


Status changed to: In progress


Status changed to: Planned