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A GIT module would be nice, like the cpanel GIT system (incl. importer in cpanel-conversion script)


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Wim Donnay




Is it necessary that git be built into the control panel? Couldn't one just get a free account at gitlab?

Codermom NL

Must have to enable modern webapp deployments using html/css/javascript frameworks. CPanel has it for a while already. I'm considering to move away from my current shared hosting provider if this is not enabled on a short notice so good to see it's planned. Would it therefore be possible to provide a target date/month on when this is planned to be developed/deployed on your product roadmap?



zeyd duran


Marcos Teixeira



Abhishek Kundu

I will be glad to see this feature in DA.

WoH Legacy

Really going to need this, since development of websites will be so much better

Jeroen Stoker

This would be really nice!!


Sainik Biswas

This will make things a lot easier. +1

Joe James

Yes, this would be famous.

MFR Anas

Is it possible to take for progressing? When it will developed :-o


Drikus Roor

Is this happening??? :D


Status changed to: Planned

Johan Feuillet

yeah, let's do it guys. please

Berkay Gündüz

we really need this!

Pieter Beemsterboer


Abhijeet Singh


Akbar Bahaulloh


Артем Баженов

it's important

Stelios Asmargianakis

Nowdays git & subversion is a must.

Yesia Florina

Yes thats really helpfull

Fahrian Yogascitra

Yes thats really helpfull


This would be so great. And is really missing so far.

Ala Eddine

ill be glad to see implementation git in DA