Please completly document all of the options of directadmin.conf


directadmin.conf is not centrally documented. it needs to be like the FAQ for Custombuild 2. Needs to be all in one place all listed out like here help.directadmin.com/item.php?id=284
This source is incomplete.


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Carol Luksias

Said exactly same thing to smtalk. CustomBuild is complicated, so there should be a proper documentation for it, or it should be changed to something more easy to understand and use.


Although nice-to-have

This is really missing....
We need to do a lot of searching to be sure we missed nothing. That should not be so.

I think it would also give less RTFM questions in the forum.... ;-)


Honestly it shouldn’t even have to be a request. The system should have complete documentation of all features and process. Yes people should read the manual if there is one😎


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